Diagnosing any foot condition is dependant upon a full, accurate and appropriate assessment.

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Footwear Assessment
A detailed assessment of your range of footwear is sometimes necessary including for example occupational or sporting footwear.
Pathological Assessment
Many diseases affect the foot and lower limbs and must be considered at assessment. A full medical history is necessary including details of all prescribed medication.
Vascular Assessment
The status of the blood circulation to the lower limb and foot sometimes requires specific assessment of arterial blood flow to and venous blood flow from the lower limb.
Neurological Assessment
The nerve supply to the lower limb must be assessed in terms of sensation felt by patient and any muscle motor function inhibited.
Dermatological Assessment
A thorough assessment of the skin is imperative and might necessitate taking skin swabs or nail clippings requiring further analysis
Orthopaedic Assessment
An assessment of the bones of the foot and their associated joints is necessary and may on occasions require referral to x-ray or scanning.
Biomechanical Assessment
A detailed biomechanical assessment is sometimes required for the younger or sporty individual who experience frequent mechanical strains / sprains /overuse injuries. Such an assessment may require gait analysis on a treadmill and sometimes with the aid of pressure plate analysis systems.